UnSexy Advice

Over the years I have often joked with my patients, friends and family that I am the Queen of UnSexy Advice.

One of the skills a good healthcare practitioner cultivates is the ability to ask the right questions in order to evoke the most specific answers in order to achieve the best possible diagnosis at the present moment. This best possible diagnosis then naturally inspires the best possible "plan", or course of treatment, for the patient. 

This is where my penchant for UnSexy Advice comes unleashed. I love giving my patients actionable tasks* they can implement in their day to day life. If they perform these tasks, they inevitably become better relational to the degree they comply with the tasks. 

(*the assignment of these tasks tends toward my patients not needing to see me anymore as they have become capable of caring for themselves, for the most part)

Since a solid amount of my UnSexy Advice lends itself to the majority of patients (and friends and family) I thought it was worthy of its own tab and sub-menu.

So, please pull down that menu and see what UnSexy Advice may have your name on it!




Please be advised I am not a Medical Doctor. The advice on this website is general and intended only as information the reader may take to their own licensed health care practitioner for further advice. None of the information found on this website www.karenwrightlac.com is intended to diagnose or treat.