You're only as STRONG as your last meal.

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Coach Lauren

Accountability coaching- Nutrition, Lifestyle, Fitness

Coach Lauren Sandoval has been coaching humans of all ages, shapes, and sizes for the better part of two decades. From girls volleyball to big dudes at CrossFit, educational kids summer camps to lifestyle and nutrition counseling, Coach Lauren has helped them all.

Her ultimate passion in life is guiding people to their greatness.

Whether that greatness is losing excess weight, gaining self confidence, acquiring a new skill, going for that dream job, or hitting a personal record deadlift, Coach Lauren will get you there in just the way YOU need. And she will cheer for you this hard the whole way!

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We will work these together. 


What fuel are you putting in your body? 



How are you moving daily? 



What's your quality and quantity of sleep and recovery? 



Is your self talk positive or negative? 



Who do you surround yourself with? 


Always Learning:

Coach Lauren's favorite podcasts and videos.

The Vegetarian Myth

Lierre Keith, author of "The Vegetarian Myth and 20-year vegan, shares  on  the Moral, Nutritional, and Environmental Superiority of Eating Meat


Brene Brown has spent the past two decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. 

Her motto right now is “Courage over comfort.”

Food Addiction

Dr. Joan Ifland on how to conquer food addiction, and the behavioral, emotional, and mental eating

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