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Intentions and Information

Hello there!

To kick off my first blog post on this new site, I figured I would share a little about myself and what exactly my intentions are.

You can already learn a lot about my healing journey over on the "ABOUT" page, so I won't get into that here. Rather, I will provide an update as to my current health status. There are a few things I'm pretty excited about!

I have been symptom-free for SIX years now (October 31 is my 6 year anniversary of my decision to implement the elimination diet, essentially "Paleo"). Over the past six years I have 95% of the time been very adherent to this way of eating. About 3 months in I played with reintroduction of the possibly reactionary foods, to less than positive results. Over the years, I have learned when and how I could "treat" myself to something like a wheat-based samosa or naan bread, or a piece of birthday cake. Or a small cup of coffee. I learned my tolerance and how my body needed me to limit these sort of foods so I could feel great the majority of the time.

The first thing I am feeling pretty happy about is that as of this year, I am no longer having symptomatic flare-ups when I eat the foods I previously needed to eliminate! I credit this to my diligence and unwavering respect for my body. In a nutshell, my body (my blood chemistry) has actually healed. I do not know how far I can push things, but I do know I can enjoy some rice with my Indian food and not feel the next day like I have a hangover. So far, the only downside these foods bring along with them is weight gain if I indulge too much.

One important aspect of my healing I much credit, on nearly the same level as my elimination diet, is the emotional and personal work I have shown up for my entire life. Our emotions and our blood chemistry/body are truly inseparable. Although the emotional/personal work I was doing helped me be an extremely high-functioning person in spite of my tremendous health issues, it alone was not enough to get me through it. Also, I cannot say if had I not also engaged in the personal work I would have such awesome results form the elimination diet alone. I do know from treating patients who are not in personal development work, but do implement an elimination diet for their stubborn and/or auto-immune conditions, that they have very good success (which can unintentionally lead to better personal habits and behaviors).

The other interesting aspect to my healing is it seems I have finally cracked my personal "macro" code (macronutrient numbers). I have struggled with my weight all my life. After quite some experimentation, I seem to have hit that sweet spot of macro nutrition in which I am loosing fat and maintaining or gaining energy and strength. Not to mention never being hungry or moody from being on a "diet". I do not believe in diets or detoxes. I believe in finding ones own correct diet, and that diet in and of itself should act as a detox.

My intentions with this website are to simply share my knowledge and experience with my patients and whomever else stumbles upon it. The world, including the internet, is a big place with lots of opinions and information. I wish to do my part for my patients and anyone else who needs it in helping focus this array of opinions and information into a cohesive, interesting, and thought-provoking stepping off point. A junction or intersection in this web which has no weaver, if you will.

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