Under the pull down menu you will see a selection of categories of media in which good information is being shared, and then under each media choice will be topic categories listed down the page. 

There is, and always has been, misleading and flat out wrong information available to anyone. I feel this is generated out of peoples desire to believe they KNOW something. People ultimately want to have an answer. There is comfort in feeling like you KNOW what is going on and that you KNOW what is right. 

And that maybe, if you KNOW what is RIGHT...maybe you can help someone... 

The trouble is, especially in regards to health and wellness, the person who is interested in KNOWING also has to be humble, educated, curious and in high integrity...and as consciously removed from ego as possible at any given moment. 

I am very particular as to what and whose information I am providing for my patients and on my website. Apart from some possible snark (and maybe a swear word) I choose to selectively share information that is rooted in literal proven fact, Randomized Controlled Trials (NOT EPIDEMIOLOGICAL STUDIES) and people who are generously and clearly sharing their own n=1 personal story.