According to there is an urban definition for this term. When I was pondering what to name this area, this was the word that just sounded the best. When it was Googled, this is what appeared:


1) More or less the exact opposite of trollinghumaning involves not being a complete and total asshat in every way imaginable, by doing things like not swearing all the time, being genuinely helpful, or being polite despite having no reason to be.

I liked it. 

From the time I have spent with many people over many years, one through-line has been constantly present, an essential aspect of my council and support. That through-line is the need people have to know what they need to do. Basically, how to human. 

You need to drink more water. Ok, I always forget...

It is important for you to put yourself first so your adrenals can regulate. Ok, I feel powerless...

You must get more sleep, even though your husband snores. Ok, I'm nervous to tell him I need to sleep in the other room...

Even though we are all raised, in some fashion or another, many people really don't know how to actually do this thing called life, let alone do it well. In the pages of this website you are invited to look around and see what may fit. See what may resonate and help move your needle toward better health and a better life.  We are all, really, just here to help each other do this humaning thing a bit better