I think the least sexy piece of advice I have for nearly everyone is to drink more clear water.

Boring, Karen. That's so boring.

Truly, though, I am blown away by how little water people consume. People consume plenty of liquids other than water, like coffee, tea, juice, Redbull, Rockstar, coffee drinks, alcohol. You can even absorb water from your food. However, all of these things make your body have to do something to get something. Drinking pure, clear water is giving your body exactly what it needs and nothing it doesn't. 

All that stuff is WORK for your kidneys and liver, instead of being something that works FOR your kidneys and liver.  These incredibly hard working organs need your help! They need you to give them clear fresh water throughout your day. Also important- not ice water! Neutral or warm temperature water please. Why? Cold is contracting, and you want those H20 molecules absorbed asap, beginning in the mouth. So don't have it be so cold it caused things to close up at first- make it easy on your body and skip the ice.

The VERY FIRST THING you put in your body every morning should be water. At least 12oz. 

Your body does a bunch of work while you are sleeping, and dehydration is a normal part of this. Instead of reaching for the stimulant of coffee or an energy drink, simply keep a container of water on your bedside table and drink it straight away. You will feel better, your skin will looks better, your brain will function better. It's like magic.

Remember, next to air, water is the second substance your body needs to stay alive. So go get a big glass and make your body happy!