Lungs Sketch


What is the one thing, that if you didn't have it for more than several would die?


I literally do not think I need to say more.

But I probably do, so here it is:

How you breathe is so incredibly important. Have you ever imagined your anatomy and seen, in your minds eye, your heart nestled between your two lungs? Two vitally important organs so snuggled up to each other cannot have been a mistake. Your breath- either the peaceful rhythm or rapid rate- informs your heart and nervous system as to the state of your relationship with your environment. What information do you want relayed? 

I absolutely love the breathing work of Wim Hof. He has clinically proven he can eradicate pathogens from his blood stream with a simple breathing process. Wim holds multiple world records for for swimming under ice and prolonged full-body contact with ice, and still holds the record for a barefoot half-marathon on ice and snow. I love the simple yet powerful system he has mastered and freely shared. 

Please note that despite the title of this guided YouTube video, this breathing method is totally non-denominational.

Basic Method

30 breaths - deep strong inhale (quick!), exhale natural (no force, not slow) through mouth


Last breath, exhale and hold the exhale as long as possible


Then inhale fully and hold the inhale for 20 seconds


Repeat 3 times

Wim Hof website