Arnica Montana is a homeopathic remedy many people use for relieving pain. Personally, I find it very effective for everything from a headache to menstrual cramps to muscle soreness. Whenever I hear someone say they tried Arnica and it didn't work my first thought is to check in as to how they took it. more often than not they took one dose, then determined it did nothing for them.

I'm going to share how I have taken Arnica Montana 30c for over a decade. Of course, to be clear, I am not advising anyone else on dosing exactly this way. I am more interested in communicating an effective way to approach utilizing a homeopathic remedy. Always check in with your personal healthcare provider for individualized advice.

First off, I take Arnica away from food and drink (other than water), including waiting at least 5 minutes after brushing my teeth. I don't know that this is completely necessary, so if it's unavoidable I would say go ahead and get started on the arnica dosing protocol.

How I take Arnica Montana 30c:

Every 15 minutes, I take 6-8 pills, not to exceed 4 doses in an hour.

Does that make sense? I may not need all 4 doses. I may feel relief after 1 dose, or 3 doses. I may need all 4, but I do not exceed that limit.

I do not do this protocol more than twice in a day, a.m. and p.m.

I have found Arnica to help me when taken for:


Post workout muscle soreness


Menstrual cramps

Body aches 

Trauma (that time when I fell off a horse and got caught up under his hooves...or that time I came off a horse and crashed through a fence...or that time I fell off a horse...well, you get the idea)

I use both Boiron and Hyland brands which are easily found in any store with a wellness section.

Arnica Advice

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